Resolution: Get $ out of the Democratic Party – now!

On April 23, Feel the Bern endorsed this resolution written by a member of the club and the founding president, and signed by nearly 200 CA state delegates, as well as Congressman Ro Khanna.  It demands that the California Democratic Party condemn pay-for-play politics. It has been submitted to the Party for approval at the 2017 CA Convention (May 19-21, 2017), first in the Resolutions Committee, and then to the entire state delegation at large.  Read about what happened to the resolution here. Hint: The Democratic Party ruled it “out of order”.

Promotional video:

Watch Feel the Bern Resolution video, with Senator Ro Khanna on the Jimmy Dore Show!

Full text of Resolution:

Denounce the influence of money in politics, and act in accordance with the California Democratic Party (CDP) platform

WHEREAS the 2016 CDP platform states “…a healthy democracy is based on public financing of political campaigns at all levels of government, campaign spending limits and full disclosure of political spending… We will fight the culture of corruption [and] cronyism…;” and

WHEREAS money’s influence in politics corrupts a healthy democracy as stated in the Princeton Study (2014) “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens,” in the 2011 model legislation “American Anti-Corruption Act,” and in the Sunlight Foundation Study (2014) “Fixed Fortunes: Biggest Corporate Political Interests Spend Billions, Get Trillions,” which reports that the 200 most politically active companies in the U.S. spent $5.8 billion on lobbying and campaign contributions from 2007-2012, and those same companies got $4.4 trillion directly back from the government they lobbied; and 

WHEREAS so far, voters in over a third of the states in the Union, including California, have voted to overturn Citizens United v. FEC (2010), demonstrating that the voters want to end the funding of political expenditures by corporations;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the CDP will publicly condemn corporations and lobbyists that finance political campaigns, as they perpetuate a culture of corruption and cronyism and thus violate the CDP platform; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CDP will send a copy of this resolution to the California Congressional Delegation, including all its elected officials, calling on the delegation and elected officials to unwaveringly uphold the CDP platform, and reminding them that failure to do so is a dereliction of their elected and fiduciary duties as members of the CDP, as well as a copy sent to the Democratic National Committee.


Melissa Michelson, AD 49

Todd Jones, AD 41


Sponsored by

Congressman Ro Khanna, AD 25

Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Los Angeles

Rishi Kumar, AD 28

Susie Shannon, AD 50

Christine Pelosi, AD 17

Melissa Michelson, AD 49

Norma Alcala, AD 7

Dr. Bill Honigman, AD73

Igor Tregub, AD 15

Kacey Carpenter, AD24

Carlos Alcala, AD 7

Zach Denney, AD 13

Margarita Lacabe, AD18

Mike Katz-Lacabe, AD18

Susan George, AD 14

Jeanine Rohn, AD 51

Linda Bassett, AD 64

Tina Fredericks, AD 41

Desiree Rojas, AD 4

Amy Erb, AD 19

Amar Singh Shergill, AD9

Jane Demian, AD 51

Melissa Garcia, AD 38

Mike Lee, AD 18

Pamela Harris, AD 18

Ryan Skolnick, AD 38

Makenzie Hays, AD32

Brian Keith Neves, AD 32

Natalie Higley, AD 4

Mattias Lehman, AD 54

Seth Rediker, AD 20

Alhambra Democratic Club

Alejandro Carrillo, AD 21

Susana Williams, AD 11

Shanta Franco-Clausen, AD 24

Brian Carolus, AD 66

Carrie Scoville, AD 70

Nancy Kim, AD 53


Manuel Zapata, AD 13

James Albert, AD 40

Amy Arlund, AD 23

Marggie Castellano, AD 76

Jerry Eaton, AD 2

Dorothy Nygard, AD 13

Glenn Glazer, AD 29

Kelsey Pressnall, AD 20

Gilbert Feliciano, AD 46

Palma Kuykendall-Paxton, AD 5

Anne Mohr, AD 74

Lori Gunnell, AD 41

Cullen Tiernan, AD 20

Brandon Harami, AD 19

Kevin Lourens, AD 78

Tom Gallagher, AD 17

Micah Perlin, AD 78

Audrey Wong, AD 66

Amy Champ, AD 5

Ron Bimbaum, AD 51

Ben Becker, AD 17

Lisa LaFave Cysewski, AD 18

Carol Dorshkind, AD 24

John Shaban, AD 6

Wendy Fagioli Ruiz, AD 59

Stephanie Terrazas, AD 57

Sylar Templar, AD 75

Motecuzoma Sanchez, AD 13

Roberto Alvarez, AD 57

Joseph Piñon, AD 64

Diana Silva, AD 20

Peter Seger, AD 11

Gregory Adams, AD 4

Astrid Zuniga, AD 21

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, AD 15

William Walker, AD 19

Johannes Müzel, AD 24

Henry Huerta, AD 57

Mishna Eraña Herandez, AD 51

Leon Cisneros, AD 69

Joaquin Blanco, AD 2

Karen McNair, AD 4

Tania Singh, AD 61

Noemi Tungui, AD 44

Mara Schechter, AD 18

Valerie Arkin, AD 16

Chet Lexvold, AD 22

Nicole Lutkemuller, AD 1

Erika Feresten, AD 50

Jonathan Abboud, AD 37

Shawn Kumagai, AD 16

Maria Estrada, AD 64

Octavia Tuohey, AD 73

Grace Tuohey, AD 73

George Hess, AD 23

Jenny Bach, 7

Sean Raycraft, AD 4

Christopher Myers, AD 4

Peter Martin, AD 2

Jessica Brady, AD 67

Ana Gonzalez, AD 47

Christina Ocampo, AD 42

Elizabeth Castillo, AD 63

Jason Spitzer, AD 29

Lesley Ester, AD 2

Enrique Diaz, AD 71

Jose Caballero, AD 79

Christopher DeWan, AD 41

Marcia Martin, AD 63

Alexis Edelstein, AD 62

Angel Rodriguez, AD 31

Michael Fortes, AD 18

Hosam Haggag, AD 25

Amarnath Ravva, AD 51

Melissa Demyan, AD 44

Ellie Casson AD 18

Thomas Tellner, AD 16

Timothy Knox, AD 5

Gabrielle Dolphin, AD 18

Robert Shearer, AD 2

Alan Haffa, AD 29

Liz Winston Michelena, AD 3

Sal Cazarez, AD 26

Trevor Richardson, AD 60

James Lauerman, AD 67

Brett Badelle, AD 15

Jeromey Shafer, AD 18

Manuel Chavez, AD 74

Leticia Vasquez, AD 63

Diana Parmeter, AD 63

Morgan Kennedy, AD 3

Iyad Afalqa, AD 74

Vinton Bacon, AD 20

Tyller Williamson, AD 29

Cassius Rutherford, AD 74

James Farley, AD 20

Bryan Hash, AD 42

Scott Williams, AD 5

Erik Eriksen, AD 29

  1. Ronald Cohen, AD 42

Eden McFadden, AD 51

Kari Khoury, AD 13

Robert Longer, AD 7

Jonathan Schnitzer, AD 46

Andres Ramos, AD 9

Albert Fernandez, AD 31

Pamela Drake, AD 18

Caitlin Wagner-Verduzco, AD 26

Michael Hsu, AD 55

Amy Slovick, AD 14

Robert Nelson, AD 41

Joseph Salas, AD 41

Samila Amanyraoufpoor, AD 74

Travis Traber, AD 67

  1. Kevyne Baar, AD 4

Karen Bernal, AD 7

Deirdre Kirkwood, AD 61

Dan Gordon, AD 53

Bobbi Jo Chavarria, AD 47

Nick Andre, AD 35

Daniel Lee, AD 54

Kevin McNamara, AD 11

Michael Soto, AD 44

Helene Rouvier, AD 2

Liz Lavertu, AD 71

Perry Lloyd, AD 10

Carey Wheaton, AD 10

Michael Fortes, AD 18

Amy Gamache-Glass, AD 12

Ernesto Gomez, AD 42

Deepa Varma, AD 17

Kathleen Donohue, AD 18

Carter Lavin, AD 18

Raisa Donato, AD 20

Moira Dean, AD 20

Pamela Price, AD 18

Mike Thaller, AD 79

Pamela Tharaldson, AD 75

Gina Barkalow Kay, AD 9

Amar Shergill, AD 9

Shirley Toy, AD 7

David Mandel, AD 7

Carter Lavin, AD 18

Chris Bowen, AD 50

Omar Mahmi, AD 8

Ava Kennedy, AD 12

Brian Hitchcok, AD 66

Jane Demian, AD 51

Michael Barkley, AD 12

Ana Gonzales, AD 47

Jessica Brady, AD 67

Debbie East, AD 32

Jay A Cortez, AD 59

Melissa Johnson-Camacho, AD 4

Catherine Willott, AD 44

Zenaida Huerta, AD 55

Verica Elliot, AD 13

Ricky-Ric Barreto, AD 8


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