We are a Club dedicated to reinvigorating the Democratic Party to become one that has a firm foundation in the Grassroots and one that upholds progressive Democratic Party ideals.

Canvassing for SB562 – Healthy California Single Payer health care for all, June 2017

“…the time is long overdue for the fundamental restructuring of the Democratic Party. We need a Dem. Party which is not a Party of the liberal elite but is a Party of the working class. We need a Party which is a grassroots party, a party where candidates are talking to working people, not spending their time raising money for the wealthy and the powerful. And when we do that, when we transform the Democratic Party, we transform America… this is an important point on every major point facing this country: the American people do not believe in a right-wing agenda; they believe in a progressive agenda. We’ve got to take that agenda to the people.” – Senator Bernie Sanders, March 31, 2017;  Our Rally, Orpheum Theater, Boston

As a progressive Democratic club, the Club is interested in not only responding to the actions and threats of the Republican Party but also to those from within the corporate Democratic Party.

IMG_9763The club intends to hold politicians accountable by being the first chartered L.A. club to issue endorsement agreements, which state that the Club may withdraw its endorsement of endorsed candidates if once in office they no longer uphold the mission statement of the Club.