Resolution #1: Denounce the influence of Money in politics, and act in accordance with the California Democratic Party Platform – to CADEM (California Democratic Party)  

Round 1: On April 23, 2017, the Club unanimously voted to endorse the resolution “Denounce the influence of money in politics, and act in accordance with the California Democratic Party (CDP) platform”.  

  • 200 signatures from state delegates
  • Congressman Ro Khanna from the San Jose area
  • presented to the state party at CADEM 2017 state convention May 19-21, 2017
  • ruled “out of order!” Find out all the gory details here , from the pressure to withdraw it, the removal of Christine Pelosi’s name, etc.

Feel the Bern Resolution video: background to creating the resolution

Round 2: On August 20, 2017, the Club unanimously endorsed the revised resolution Denounce the influence of money in politics, and act in accordance with the California Democratic Party (CDP) platform” for submission to CADEM Executive Board, Aug 25-27, 2017

  • Co-sponsored by Congressman Ro Khanna
  • The Revision: in order to reflect the issues the Resolutions Committee expressed to the writers in May at the State Convention hearing, removing “dereliction of fiduciary duty”.
  • The Result: The Resolutions Committee voted to postpone the vote until the November convention, giving time to make further changes.
(Watch video of the Round 2 hearing HERE!)

Round 3 – PASSED!: On October 23, the Club endorsed a third version of the Resolution to Denounce the influence of politics and act in accordance with the CADem Party platform  for submission to CADEM E-Board November 17-19, 2017. It was co-sponsored by over 60 state delegates and three other Democratic Clubs.   It was approved, but not before the resolutions committee a few changes.

Resolution #2: In support of  Divest LA,  Public Bank LA and Responsible Investing

Summer 2017 Finance Committee, LA City Hall

Resolution #3:  LA County Dem. Party to adopt Public Bank 

  • Approved unanimously by the Club March 25, 2018
  • Revised and unanimously approved by LA County Dem. Party resolutions committee April 3, 2018; April 10, 2018 approved by LA County Dem. Party

WHEREAS, the Los Angeles City Council created a motion in July 2017 calling for a study on a Public Bank of Los Angeles that could redirect funds to affordable housing and other needs of the City; and

WHEREAS, socially responsible Public Banks have the ability to address the needs of the public they serve by returning profits back into the community, including affordable housing, renewable energy, local infrastructure and other public services;

THEREFORE, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party supports the creation of state-chartered public banks and call for such financial entities to responsibly serve the public and the interests of economic, racial and environmental justice.

Submitted to the LACDP by Feel the Bern Democratic Club with the support of Public Bank LA